• Welcome to Loewy Consulting

Let Loewy Consulting design, create, host, and manage your website. We will do everything from securing or transferring your domain name, to create and manage your website.

Loewy Consulting can provide the following services:

Obtain your own domain name (i.e. company.com)
Host your website on our web server
Set up email accounts.
Design your website
Publish your website
Maintain your website
Train your staff to maintain your website using Content Management System (CMS)
Set up online storefront
Online credit card processing
Interactive calendar system

Loewy Consulting specialzes in Joomla CMS (content management systems):

CMS websites are specially designed websites that allow you, the client, to maintain the content on your own website
Joomla is a free website platform
Front-end and back-end (administrative) access
Many thousands of website add-ons (extensions) available such as calendar systems, e-commerce, event management, and much, much more.
Ability to have registered users that would allow them access to private content.

Please let us know how we can help you with your website.